My projects

I post here all my finished projects. There is some java creations, blender 3D modeling and some 3D printing.

Indeed, I've learned Java programming and i love making small useful program for users. I also learned how to model objects with blender. So you can find small 3d modeling projects made with blender. But in 3D modeling, I especially like the lowpoly style. That's why I've made models with this style. When I learned the existance of 3D printing, I became passionnate about it. This is the reason why I bought an Ender3 3D printer and why i'm printing a bunch of stuff with it.

So here are the things I made :

Lowpoly floating Island

Here is my first (and last to this day) of the lowpoly style. Like I said before, i really love this graphic style. Also, I think that a floating island model is a good model for beginners working on this style.

To see the 3D model, just click here.

Realtime bandwidth display monitor

Currently having a really bad internet connecion, I developed a small app that can display the bandwith use by the computer in realtime. I wanted to see the quality of my internet connection, even if i had another app in front.

To use this app, you need to have java installed. For more info and to download it, just click here.

3D printing of a plane reactor

I am passionate about 3D printing. I think that being able to print the object that we just modeled is just very satisfying. It can also help you see how certain mecanism that we aren't very acustomed to work. That is why I wanted to print a sectional view of plane réactor. The model is available here. After around 180h of printing, I am more than satisfied of the result.

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